Dawn (murderscene) wrote,

i bought my very first mp3 player today, talk about being three years late? mm, well it wasnt much as i just wanted to try one out to see if im going to make much use out of it. im hoping to invest in an ipod if i get much use out of this one. i really hate the earphones though, ive never been able to keep the earpieces in my ears. anyone else get that?

turns out, sam didnt turn up to work today (see last post re. the battle of sam vs dawn) so i didnt have to feel i had to compete today. it was alright though, because i made an improvement and im staying. although i was confused when paul (the manager) said that if i cant stay there i can get in at their altrincham office - whats the point.. if im not reaching my targets, its not as if im going to change because of the location? but i wont worry about that now. i now know the name of this fittie who works in the office, but he fails to notice the dawn. not that i need him to, its nice just to gaze without anyone noticing.

DIVERT YR EYES HERE PLEASE. im quite curious as to how im perceived online, so below you see an email form without the ip logging. use it to post anonymously (and truthfully). you can post via comments but where is the fun in that?

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